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House Of Merich domiciled in palembang - indonesia .

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Instagram : @houseofmerich

Instagram grobakkuecubit : @kuecubitgrobak

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Blackberry pin houseofmerich : 59CF537E

Wa : 0822 18888 077

Telp: 0822 18888 077

PUSAT : Jl.Mayor Santoso No:3247-3248,(daerah kamboja), Palembang, Km 3.5 , Indonesia.

Cabang : Palembang Indah Mall Lantai 2 Food Court

Special Cakes for Your Special Day

Our specialty cakes are the finest available. We will custom design a delicious cake that's perfect for your celebration to fit your own personal style.

Live Support

Telp : 0822 18888 077 Houseofmerich BBpin: 59CF537E WhatsUp: 0822 18888 077 LIne ID : houseofmerich ,atau click link ini Line ID Houseofmerich


Our Cakes : Birthday cakes, Cheese cake, Nutella cake, Skippy cake, Brownis, Roll cakes , and many more. Our Pudding: Cake puding Birthday, Tutti frutty Pudding ,and more just Contact us.

Gurantee Like No Other

Our Cakes and Pudding are one of the best in town. Great taste and perfect ingredients make a perfect combination to brighten your day. Our selection of cakes and pudding will not bore you. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

12th Jan 2016

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12th Jan 2016

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House Of merich Diliput Tabloit monica EDISI 233, 16 NOVEMBER 2015 dan EDISI 234, 23 NOVEMBER 2015  

12th Jan 2016

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Koran tribun sumsel 13 januari 2016 . House Of Merich Diliput Tribun Sumsel loh, silahkan di baca.  

12th Jan 2016

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Koran sriwijaya post tanggal 10 januari 2016   House Of Merich diliput Sriwijaya Post loh.. Silahkan di baca .

05th Oct 2015

House Of Merich

House Of Merich Open MON – SUN 12.00 – 21.00

18th Jul 2015
Snack Kue cubit grobak

House Of Merich Grobak Kue cubit

Merich juga menjual kuecubit yang yummy serta snack dan dessert yang unik . silahkan datang ke grobak kami.     Just Contact Us : FB :   . Page FB...